• Image of Full Moon Perfume Oil
  • Image of Full Moon Perfume Oil

For those who follow the moon.

The full moon phase is a time for release. We let go of what no longer serves us- physically and energetically. We check in on the growth of seeds (ideas, desires, plans) we planted on the new moon. We make offerings to moon goddesses.

You can wear this oil daily (Because the scent is amazing) for full moon energy, or you can use it on the full moon for rituals, anointing your magical tools, and your body. You can also use this in place of a flying ointment, as it contains oils that affect physic awareness, astral abilities, and divination. (No baneful herbs are used in this oil)

This perfume contains oils that align with full moon energies, such as sandalwood, cedar, neroli and bergamot.
(Woody base and bright top note)

Each bottle contains two moon stones and was charged during the full moon.

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