• Image of Datura Flower Essence

Datura Flower Essence.

Datura is a powerful plant.
She has the power to walk you through many situations you find yourself in.
She can support you in releasing unwanted thoughts and patterns, in finding yourself after a long absence, in overcoming resistance and fear, working with the moon or dark energy, in getting in touch with your sensual self, embodying your magic, and gaining confidence.

Take three drops under the tongue or in a liquid of your choosing 2 times per day, or situationally as needed, during ritual, or add to bath water.

Here are some keywords that I associate with her:
Self​ ​discovery/​ ​being​ ​the​ ​magic
Healing​ ​wounds/​ ​shedding​ ​skin Power/overcoming​ ​fear Protection
Dispelling​ ​negativity Disguise/secrets
Manipulation​ ​/​ ​obsession
Dark​ ​magic/​ ​moon​ ​magic Conjuring