• Image of Perfume samples.

This listing is for 4 samples of oil.
Please leave your choice of samples in the notes to seller.

Choose from:

Black Cat - woody, soft, sweet
Deadly Flora - floral, rich, unusual
Feather - crisp floral, sweet undertone
Forest Magic - rich, earthy, sweet
Huntress - deep, woody, dark
Full Moon - earthy, woody, citrus
Mystic - earth, floral, herbaceous
New Moon - woody, herbaceous, bright citrus
Sea Witch - floral, crisp, feminine
Vixen- warm, floral, earthy
Witchling - floral, crisp, bright
Ursa - warm, earthy
Coven - spicy, rich
Wolf - smoky, earthy
Foxglove - floral, sensual
Empress - floral, unusual
Love Spell - soft, floral
Mountain crisp, pine, cedar
Magic - earthy, woody, smoky
Crow - crisp, earthy, spicy
Pisces - complex, floral, bright
The Stag - earthy, woody, rich
Leo - woody, spicy, citrus
Scorpio - spicy, resinous, rich
Hecate - sharp, earthy, sweet
Black arts - spicy, floral