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Magical Poison is an ebook that will help you to step into the mysteries that surround poisonous plants. We will explore their stories, science, and ties to witchcraft, giving you a working knowledge of each of the selected plants in order to incorporate them into your own practice and rituals (and into your gardens as well).

It is my hope that this ebook will allow you to connect further with plants that may already have special meaning for you- to deepen your understanding of why you feel drawn to them.

By allowing space for practical information and elegant interpretations we can learn to appreciate the power, beauty and importance of poisons that is woven into the history of witchcraft, and eliminate stigmas therein.

Topics covered-

-How to identify, harvest and store plant material.

-Scientific information.

-Safe handling.

-How to let the plants speak to you.

-Incorporating magical poisons into your own practices. (altars, rituals, etc)

-History as it relates to witchcraft.

-My personal experiences with each plant. (Growing, harvesting, and magical experiences)

- Magical correspondences

- Journal Prompts

(75 pages)

It isn't necessary for you to be an expert in botany or magic to benefit from this book.

It is preferred that you have a basic familiarity with witchcraft/magic/occult material and feel called to be closer to these plants.

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