• Image of Datura Stramonium Seeds. Magical Poison.

A 3 ml vial of Datura seeds.
The datura plant goes back centuries in the world of magical lore.
These seeds are meant to be places on your altar.
Datura is associated with the moon, Venus and Saturn.
It can be used in spellwork to do with protection, love, beauty, attraction, hexing, vanishing and sex.
This plant is largely used symbolically, as it is extremely poisonous.
Please do not consume the seeds.
If you wish to burn them, please do so outside and be safe when standing near the smoke.
I cannot guarantee the viability of the seeds, but if you want to plant them, they like disturbed soil and full sun.
I collected these seeds from my own datura stramonium plants.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.